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Victorian Fringed Lamp Shade

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Here are some of the discounted options for Victorian Fringed Lamp Shade:

HUGE VINTAGE HAND MADE VICTORIAN LAMP SHADE WITH BEAUTIFUL LONG FRINGEVERY LARGE VINTAGE VICTORIAN BRIDGE TABLE LAMP FABRIC SHADE FRINGE 16x20Victorian Lamp Shade Stunning Lg Floor Embroiderd Lace Beaded Fringe KristineANTIQUE VICTORIAN HANGING PARLOR KEROSENE OIL LAMP CASED GREEN SHADE FONT FRINGEBridge UNO Victorian Fringed Lamp Shade Beige and Champagne Wild Rose DesignVICTORIAN LAMPSHADE LIGHT TEAL DAMASK WITH GOLD AND IVORY SILK FRINGED BEADEDVictorian Bridge Floor Lamp with Fringed Silk Chiffon Lamp Shade Cast IronLarge Pink Lamp Shade Hand Workmanship Deco Regency Victorian 5" Fringe Beauty Victorian Lg. Hand Painted Signed Table Lamp W/ Black& Pink Mauve- Fringe ShadeVictorian French Medium Lamp Shade "Evergreen" Bead Fringe Tassels 2 Avail LARGE VICTORIAN LAMPSHADE W/ DARK BLUE SILK VINTAGE BLACK TRIM PLEATED FRINGEDVictorian Style Fringed Shade And LampVictorian French Medium Lamp Shade Space Saver "Crimson" Fringe Tassels 2 avalVINTAGE SHABBY VICTORIAN FLOOR LAMP W/ CHIFFON ROSE FRINGED LAMP SHADE W/CRYSTALVictorian French Med Lamp Shade Royal Dome "Cream/ Gold " bead Fringe TasselsVictorian French Medium Lamp Shade "Ivory " Bead Fringe PAIR

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